When you look at the sheer volume of information stored by corporations today -- including reams of printed information like computer documentation, procedures, specifications, and reference documents -- you quickly see the argument for taking information on-line. Users can no longer wade through a shelf full of documentation and companies can no longer justify the cost of printing all this information without any guarantee that users are actually reading it. Much of the information provided is not used because it is too hard to access, and when it is accessed it is often out of date.

Intranets are already being used by many companies to deliver private corporate information to internal users. An intranet is any internal network (LAN or WAN) that supports Internet applications -- primarily web (hypertext transfer protocol), but also other applications such as FTP (file transfer protocol). Typically, your network must have TCP/IP connectivity before an intranet will be possible. If your network has TCP/IP, you can easily install web servers and browsers that work the same way they do on the World-Wide Web. There are a number of corporate information resources and transactions that are potential candidates for an intranet. Aetos.Net will assess your company's business processes and develop an intranet that meets your needs.


Aetos.Net will evaluate your company's internal information distribution and offer solutions for migrating the flow of information to within an intranet. The following list provides examples of the types of documents that companies traditionally distribute:

  • Policy and procedure manuals
  • Quality manuals
  • Employee benefits programs
  • Orientation materials
  • Software user guides
  • Hardware manuals
  • Quick reference guides
  • On-line help
  • Style guides and other standards
  • Training manuals and tutorials
  • Seminars
  • Company newsletters and announcements
  • Scheduling information
  • Maps and schematic drawings
  • Computer reports
  • Customer data
  • Sales and marketing literature
  • Specifications
  • Price lists
  • Product catalogs
  • Press releases

Aetos.Net will construct a system that allows you to place all of these documents on-line for instantaneous access by authorized users.

Interactive Communication

Finally, an intranet offers various amounts of two-way communication within a corporation. These include:

  • Surveys and feedback
  • Program notification and enrollment
  • Progress inquiries and reporting
  • Memo distribution, comment, and reply
  • Spontaneous data entry and data collection
  • Interactive database queries
  • Product promotion and ordering

The intranet gives you ways to communicate with employees, present information that requires feedback, capture the feedback, and process the feedback data automatically through databases or scripting mechanisms. It also supports spontaneous user searches of information archives or databases. Aetos.Net can implement an intranet that will facilitate effective communication within your company.

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